Hello! I’m Karolina!

I’m your dedicated point of contact for Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. My goal is to understand your situation and explain how we could leverage technology to unlock and demonstrate value of your business.

Karolina Stolarczyk Business Development Manager

Working out of Poznań, I’m passionate about forging strong business partnerships and delivering solutions tailored to your unique needs.
When I’m not discussing potential collaborations, you might find me enjoying a game of Lacrosse, keeping up with the NBA, or indulging in my love for sports post-work. And if you’re wondering about my favorite dish? It’s definitely burritos.

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Leveraging technology to deliver tangible business results

  • 4,5 x faster time to market

    By building a whole mobile banking app, web banking portal, custom CMS and middleware APIs from scratch, we eliminated tech debt and equipped the Bank with brand new stack allowing for unrivaled velocity for both business and delivery.

  • +35% in operation efficiency

    As a knowledge partner, we advised, designed and delivered 3 custom internal apps for Generali, helping them achieve 35% faster time in operations. We work in a teaching and advice formula – our team is over 65% seniors from banking and insurance and we know how to pave the way.

  • +20% customers, +126% profit growth

    For finnish banking group POP Pankki, we developed a brand new mobile app with dedicated value-added services, including insurance cross-selling. Overall it paid a major stake in generating 126% profit growth and +20% increase in customer number under a year.

  • Digital transformation

    For a german financial auditing association of craft bank cooperatives we have delivered and A-Z solution taking processes from a pen and paper to an automated, completely digitalized solutions with real-life data reporting.

30+ brands in the financial industry trust us with their core IT projects

Areas we usually work on:

  • Web Development

    We design, develop and maintain best-in-class web development solutions

  • Mobile Development

    We provide end-to-end mobile app development services

  • Digital Product Design

    We design digital products and seamless user experience that result into increased ability to attract and retain satisfied customers

  • Technical Consultancy

    We eliminate technological friction to help you unlock and demonstrate value to your customers

Let's talk!

Let's talk!

Schedule a 30 minutes meeting with me

Let's talk!

Let's talk!

Schedule a 30 minutes meeting with me