Value-Added Services

– the Game-Changer in the Banking Sector

We’ve explored the transformative power of value-added services in the banking sector from their origins to their current role as digital game-changers.

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  • Piotr Grodzki CEO, Speednet

    This ebook is a result of extensive market research and analysis, incorporating data from Eurostat, ISOC, and Deloitte reports. It is designed for banking experts looking to implement and introduce VAS in their organizations, providing insights into the implementation process, the role of VAS in mobile banking, and real-world use cases from the EU.

Value-added services are not just a trend.

They are the future of banking. We believe that every bank and money-related business should leverage the power of VAS.

    • Definition of Value-Added Services (VAS)

      Unlike conventional banking features, VAS transcend basic functionalities, enhancing the convenience and versatility of banking apps. Explore various VAS categories, from commercial perks to mobility solutions, tailored to meet diverse customer needs and preferences.

    • Growth of role of mobile banking

      Mobile apps offer easy access to finances and many other services, and users are flocking to embrace this digital revolution. By integrating value-added services, banks can enhance customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of modern banking.

    • Benefits of Value-Added Services

      Uncover the evolution of Value-added services (VAS) propelled by the dynamic growth of mobile channels. Dive into the PDF to explore how banks harness VAS’s power to revolutionize customer experiences and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

    • Implementation Process

      From collecting innovative ideas to final implementation, each step is meticulously outlined to ensure the successful launch of new services. Dive into our implementation process to learn how to effectively strategize, prototype, test, and implement VAS, all while keeping user satisfaction at the forefront.

    • Future of VAS

      Learn how to achieve the success of value-added services (VAS) by focusing on three key levels: customer, bank, and supplier relationships. Discover how customer-centricity drives the implementation of VAS, leveraging qualitative research to understand evolving needs and design user-friendly interfaces.

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      Value-Added Services