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George Slawek Managing Director at Speednet UK Ltd.

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From the very beginning, our aim was to support banks, insurance, and fintech companies by providing top-shelf IT services. Speednet UK Ltd. is based in the financial services hub in Canary Wharf, London. For over 20 years we have helped over 100 clients of all sizes design and build products that have changed the world!

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Why we are different and what’s in it for you?

Financial domain expertise

We specialize in delivering cutting-edge financial solutions, harnessing our deep domain expertise in banking, fintech, and insurance. Our commitment is to drive digital transformation and business growth for our clients, making us the go-to partner for innovative and reliable financial software services.

Technical seniority

Our team stands out for its technical seniority, offering unmatched expertise in developing and deploying complex financial systems. This depth of experience ensures that we deliver innovative solutions meeting the highest quality and efficiency standards in the tech industry.

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Precise time and cost estimations

We are dedicated to providing precise time and cost estimations for our projects. This commitment to transparency and reliability allows our clients to plan their financial and digital solutions with confidence, knowing they will be delivered on schedule and within budget.

Flexibility and scalability

We excel in offering flexibility and scalability across various models, ensuring our clients can adapt and grow regardless of their project size or complexity. Our approach allows for seamless integration and scalability, empowering businesses to evolve their financial and digital solutions efficiently and effectively.

UK Location

Our presence in Canary Wharf, London underscores our commitment to providing UK FinTechs with the agility, expertise, and resources you need to effectively engage with business partners and clients. Our 24 years of building digital products for banks and FinTechs will help you chart a course toward sustainable growth and success.

Alliances & Memberships

Discover who we collaborate with and exchange knowledge

Pekka Lemettinen CEO, Pop Pankki
6+ years of collaboration️

It became clear from the early stages of the project that Speednet was a partner extremely committed to delivering high-quality software. Speednet was able to create an elegant, top-quality project, where the priority is always the best customer experience. The appearance of the application was very well received by POP Pankki customers.

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We’re tech specialists

We provide a comprehensive solution, from ideation to maintenance, including everything in between. 


Areas we usually work on:

  • Web Development

    We design, develop and maintain best-in-class web development solutions

  • Mobile Development

    We provide end-to-end mobile app development services

  • Digital Product Design

    We design digital products and seamless user experience that result into increased ability to attract and retain satisfied customers

  • Technical Consultancy

    We eliminate technological friction to help you unlock and demonstrate value to your customers

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