How to choose the best shoemaker or software house? At Speednet the shoemaker's son NEVER goes barefoot!

Julia Grycner
March 2, 2023 | Business Insights

Would you trust a badly dressed stylist or a mechanic who drives a broken car? Well, that’s exactly the case. It’s no different for many digital agencies and software house. They brag about case studies about completed websites and mobile apps, while their own digital products, landings and apps, promoting their business, are far behind industry standards, created without any WCAG rules.

At Speednet, we wanted to avoid this failure. We believe that all changes and improvements should start with ourselves. That’s why our UX/UI designers, testers and developers have ensured that digital products with the Speednet logo are constantly improved and developed in accordance with the latest standards. What exactly have we changed and improved in our digital? What made our website really work and what is worth applying to your project?

Clear, visible CTAs with good UX copy

We prepared all the Call To Action buttons in contrasting colors. The content on the buttons was developed by experienced UX writers to be short and clearly explain to users what will happen in a moment when they click. Even small changes, a few tests and raising the CTR by several percent per month of a given button in B2B marketing, and especially in IT, can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. And this is all thanks to a dozen man-hours of copywriters, testers and UX designers.

Large fonts, highlighting the most important elements on the webpage and IT solutions invisible to the human eye

Another element we took care of is the size of fonts. Its size matters, especially for visually impaired users. Varying font sizes also make it easier to emphasize the importance of pro-sell, most important marketing messages, headlines, and claims.

An important aspect, invisible to the typical user, but affecting the ease of use of the site is adapting it for the blind or visually impaired. A key part of this is adding alternative texts to any relevant graphic elements – this allows readers to “read” the graphic or icon. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that the “Tab” button can be moved smoothly around the website, thus avoiding the keyboard trap. Another important element of website customization is also to make sure that the purposes of all links hidden under the buttons are described.

Keep in mind that Internet users have different needs and abilities, and it doesn’t have to be difficult at all to adapt the solutions used on websites to different groups.

Mobile-first design with WCAG standards

Designing websites with mobile users in mind is an absolute necessity today. More than 57% of web traffic is generated by smartphones and tablets. This number will only increase in the coming years, including in the B2B, fintech or edtech industries.

Optimized graphics and animations, interface and widgets adapted to the mobile screen devices, short, essential copy without unnecessary trash talk are some of the elements that users on mobile will appreciate.

Chatbot for prospects interested in Speednet’s IT services

You know that feeling when you’re browsing through some website, tutorial, or guide, have additional questions, but have no one to ask them to? No more.

On our website and on most of our client’s websites, we design and implement an intelligent chatbot that answers the most popular several hundred questions of visitors. If a potential customer has another question, the algorithm connects him to the new business department. There, a designated IT specialist provides answers to the nagging questions at lightning speed. We probably don’t need to mention how positively this has affected the number of inquiries and conversions.

Simplified contact forms

Something about conversions: lead generation activities are crucial in B2B marketing. And quality leads will only be acquired for you by a properly constructed, simple, yet capturing necessary data contact form on the website. Most often, they are placed on offer landing pages or in the “Contact Us” tab.

Based on a series of A/B tests, we created a form that converts best in our target audience and provides the lowest cost per lead for marketing campaigns.

Continuous website testing and development process

The publication of a website or mobile app is not the end of work on a digital project. Subsequent tests on a larger audience can bring completely new conclusions and draw attention to errors that were previously overlooked. 

That’s why we created an internal team of testers, developers, and designers, strictly responsible for ongoing monitoring and testing of our websites and landings for marketing campaigns, as well as their optimization and development.

Tested shoes from the best software house in the IT industry? Only at Speednet!

Today, a good digital product – a website, game, or mobile application – must be as inclusive and accessible as possible to all users, including those with impaired vision, hearing, or the need for voice communication.

We prepare our own websites and landing pages with WCAG and the latest industry standards in mind. If you want to benefit from our knowledge and experience, write to us. We will be happy to prepare for you from scratch a 21st-century digital product that does not exclude any user group.

If you want to meet us in person, click here and we’ll get in touch!