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We are a banking software development company

We help banks and financial institutions achieve operational efficiency, increased security coverage and provide a great customer experience.

We help the banking industry with:

  • Building mobile banking apps from scratch
  • Crafting business logic layers (API/middleware) tailored to your needs
  • Creating custom wealth management systems
  • Designing and implementing lending solutions
  • Developing bespoke internet banking solutions
  • Building mortgage credit platforms from the ground up
  • Designing and deploying corporate CMS/CRM/ECM platforms
  • Implementing value-added services (VAS) to enhance your offerings
  • Developing comprehensive solutions for corporate banking requirements

Banks usually work with Speednet to:

    • Build custom banking solutions 

      Build from scratch or take your current banking software to the next level to attract the attention of new users and streamline backend operations.

    • Update legacy and get rid of tech debt

      Plenty of banks are still rely on heritage solutions. We can help you assess the status quo and prepare a roadmap for transformation that will let your bank tap into modern technology that gives a competitive advantage.

    • Optimise costs of software development 

      Avoid traditional inhouse expenses by transforming your operations with an external partner that gives you scale, industry-specific experience and shorter time to market.  

    • Leverage data to make better decisions 

      Take your banking operations to the next level by leveraging data to deliver a frictionless, personalised user experience and make data-driven decisions related to daily and strategic business. 

    • Shorten time to market

      With a backlog full of ideas to implement and with limited IT resources available, leveraging Speednet’s technical expertise will help you to go live with new features and products significantly faster.

    • Introduce flexibility of delivery

      We adapt to your needs – not the other way around. This ensures smooth integration and the ability to evolve with your business.
      Tap on / tap off-ramp your team up and down in weeks.

    The combination of understanding the financial domain with 24+ years of technical expertise allows us to give you extremely precise time and cost estimates for your project.

    Estimate your project

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    Struggling with the constant pressure of challengers and neobanks?

    Research shows that as much as 64% of customers think digital processes such as remote account opening, online banking options or an easy-to-use app are either extremely important or important when deciding who to bank with.

    By focusing on these areas, we help banks to stay on top of the situation:

      • Time to market

        Banks struggle with a lack of flexibility and capability to introduce new features and services quickly, as well as provide users with faster access to the latest solutions.
Short time to market is a key to gaining a competitive edge and achieving success in the market. Implementing new features usually takes us only a few sprints

      • Mobile banking

        Mobile applications are the future of banking. Traditional banks with brick-and-mortar branch offices, queues, and paperwork are in danger of becoming a thing of the past.

        We’ve built 7 award-winning mobile apps for banks in Europe.

      • User experience

        An emphasis on a unique user experience, makes digital banking services more satisfying and enjoyable than traditional ones.

        We have experience in designing and implementing clean banking user interfaces that increase customer satisfaction and retention.

      • Security and privacy policy

        Promoting robust security measures and stringent privacy policies to protect users’ sensitive financial information and personal data instills confidence and trust among users regarding the safety and confidentiality of their information.

        We are focused on security and actively looking for new ways to improve the safety of our projects.

      • AI and Big Data

        the market demands innovative solutions and modern technologies that better meet the needs of contemporary users than traditional solutions. There is also a lot of potential to streamline and automate backend operations.

        At Speednet, 2 dedicated teams focus only on AI and Big Data solutions for the financial sector.

      • Value-Added Services

        Customers expect a wide range of value-added services, such as parking tickets, highways, billing solutions, e-commerce platforms, food orders, insurance and others, which provide them with additional benefits and empower them to achieve financial goals more effectively.

        We understand th versatility of mobile apps, and implement plenty of VAS in the applications we build on a daily basis.

      Implementing Value-Added-Services

      Example of Value-Added Services: Insurance cross-selling, currency exchange, admission tickets, public transport tickets, parking fees and motorway tolls, invoice scanner, subscription manager, archiving invoices and bills, loyalty programmes, spendings analysis, split-a-bill feature.

      Our process of collaboration

      We use a proven methodology of reliable and predictable software delivery.

      • Understanding your situation

        We begin by thoroughly analysing your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. This involves detailed discussions, as well as an assessment of your current state and documentation to ensure a clear understanding of your project requirements and goals.

      • Agreeing on a project roadmap

        Once we’ve learned about your situation in detail, we collaborate closely with you to define a detailed plan of action. This roadmap outlines the project scope, timeline, budget and key deliverables, ensuring alignment with your expectations and must-haves.

      • Collaborating to deliver milestones

        We maintain open communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, working closely with your team in agreed-upon iterations. This approach ensures flexibility, feedback incorporation, and continuous improvement as we progress towards your ultimate goal.

      • Developing a relevant solution

        Leveraging our expertise, modern technologies, and insights gained from previous stages, we develop a tailored solution that addresses all your business’s pain points. Our team ensures the software is robust, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices.

      • Support and maintenance

        Our commitment goes on after the solution is delivered. We provide comprehensive post-release services to ensure continued success and optimal performance. This includes troubleshooting, updates and ongoing cooperation to address evolving requirements.


      We’re tech specialists

      We provide a comprehensive solution, from ideation to maintenance, including everything in between. 

      • JavaScript
      • Angular
      • Android
      • Kotlin
      • React
      • iOS
      • Java
      • PHP
      • Switf
      • .NET
      • Oracle
      • Docker
      • Azure
      • AWS
      • Selenium
      • Cypress
      • PostgreSQL
      • MongoDB
      • MySQL
      • MySQL
      • TypeScript
      • Vue.js
      • Python
      • NodeJS

      Discover the secrets to maximising the success of your banking software with our FREE ebook on value-added services.

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      Value-Added Services

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Michał Grela
      Michał Grela Head of Sales and Marketing