#TeamSpeednet: Robert Darek - the one-man band and Full-Stack Developer

Julia Grycner
June 19, 2023 | Interviews

My next interviewee is Robert Darek – one of our developers. Darek is a real one-band man… He programs in both front and backend, plays several instruments and is responsible for our company’s Speednet Rock Band.  

Hi Darek, it’s cool that you found a moment to talk to me! Let’s start with the most straightforward question. What do you do at Speednet?  

This question is not that easy at all [laughs]. The simplest way to say it is that I’m a Web developer, full-stack developer, I mainly specialize in JS, but the backend is no stranger to me either. I also have experience in PHP and NodeJS and recently started learning Java. Besides being in the project, I also act as a Tech Lead, share my experience and help the rest of the team.    

Cool! And how long have you been with #TeamSpeednet?  

This month I will join the ranks of dinosaurs, which means I’ve been here 10 years. From what I’ve heard, the company is preparing a surprise for this on June 20, so… Speedneteers reading this, be sure to drop by the office [laughs].   

That’s right, celebrating the new dinosaurs is one of the attractions we are planning soon. 10 years, that’s a long time. Will you tell us how you got here? How did it get started?  

In fact, it can be considered that Speednet was my first job as a programmer. I joined the team as a junior with six months of work experience. Before that, I was a math teacher, but I decided that I wanted to enter the IT industry, so I started learning programming. I’m typically self-taught. When something interests me, I look for more information and tutorials on the topic. And that’s how I learned frontend.   

Great! As far as I know, programming is not the only field you are developing in. Tell us a bit about your other hobby, which you share with #TeamSpeednet.  

I understand you’re referring to our Speednet Rock Band. I play many instruments: guitar, drums, keyboards, and, well, I sing. I was a part of a professional band for a while. We played some hard rock. Recently we even had a small reunion and performed at the Ucho Blues Club in Gdynia. Going back to the history of Speednet Rock Band… It all started at a company Christmas party a few years ago – when I was sitting at a table with Iwona, who plays drums, and Karol, who plays bass. We discussed playing together, and I decided we needed a company concert. I noticed Peter, the CEO of Speednet, and proposed that at the next event, one of the attractions would be our concert. Of course, EB Team was delighted with the idea… And that’s how it just started.  

I’m glad that the idea didn’t die! At our Winter Party, I was really shocked that your playing is at such a high level. With the rest still that dance arrangement to one of the songs… I guess that was your idea too? It seems that you are heavily involved in the life of Speednet.  

It’s true. I try to give a lot of myself, but I also take advantage of various opportunities provided by the company – I attend English and German classes, play in the team as mentioned earlier, and until recently, I also played in our volleyball team. Well, I get involved in various initiatives at the company. The dance arrangement at the last Winter Party was indeed my idea – I approached the EB department with the idea to prepare a surprise for the party – so a dozen people from #TeamSpeednet, under the guidance of Julia from Siemanko Dance Studio, designed to dance the choreography to the Backstreet Boys song. We had a great time, and I hope we can do it again someday!  

I hope so, too. At the very end, I wanted to ask whether you would recommend Speednet’s work.  

Sure. The IT industry is specific. We all know that there was a shortage of programmers on the market, and really everywhere promised golden mountains at interviews. At Speednet, we can also enjoy various benefits. We have a training budget, language classes, fruit, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a refrigerator with company brews and much, much more, but what distinguishes the company the most is the climate, the atmosphere that prevails here. The company is growing rapidly – a few years ago, the team consisted of less than 100 people, and now there are more than 220 of us. Despite this, there is still a relaxed atmosphere. HRs, PMs, leaders or C-Level Management treat you as a person, not just an employee.   

What’s more, there is a lot of space for mutual help here. I’m a person who likes to share knowledge and teach others, I once even did charity work as a teacher at an orphanage, but I had to take a break to take care of my children, although now that they’ve grown up a bit, I plan to get back to it. Speednet is a place where I have the opportunity to share knowledge – we have tech meetings and outstanding juniors who are eager to learn. At this point, I salute Tomek from one of your interviews [laughs]. Simply put, Speednet allows you to work while developing your skills and passions, whatever they may be. And that is why I recommend this company with a clear conscience. 

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