#TeamSpeednet: Daniel, our Delivery Manager

Julia Grycner
March 28, 2023 | Interviews

Daniel has been part of #TeamSpeednet for almost three years. He started as a business analyst and then progressed as a recruiter. For the past month, he has been in the role of Delivery Manager. We decided to learn more about his experience and discover what his new role at the company entails.  

Hi Daniel, thanks for taking a moment for our interview! First of all, congratulations on your promotion. Is it a promotion or more of exploring a new career path?  

Daniel: Hey, thanks! I wouldn’t call it a promotion – it’s more of a horizontal shift, a department change. However, it involves new opportunities, development and, above all, a lot of responsibility. Delivery Manager is an entirely new role, a pilot program at Speednet.  

Wow, it sounds like a big challenge. Please tell us more about this position. Where did you even get the idea to develop the company’s structure with Delivery Managers?  

Daniel: The Delivery Manager’s job is to be the Project Manager for all employees who don’t have a PM from us on a project in their daily work. What does this mean? In many projects, we support partners as a team – then our Project Manager from Speednet takes care of the implementation. On the other hand, there are projects where the client hires only specialists from us, and the project management is on the client’s side. Then I step in as Delivery Manager. We noticed a need, both on the part of the clients and our specialists, for someone to turn to – whether with an additional question or problem, and we decided to answer it. We are committed to ensuring that every customer and every #TeamSpeednet member is satisfied and knows who they can turn to.  

I understand you have a lot of work ahead of you, creating rules and patterns for dealing with specific situations. Still, I can see that you are satisfied… Besides, this is not the first such change during your time at Speednet!  

Daniel: Indeed. In 2020 I joined Speednet as a Business Analyst. Interestingly, I had already worked in the IT industry before, but in sales, and at the same time, I was studying business analytics, and that’s where I wanted to grow. I had heard about Speednet before from a friend, so when I saw company representatives at an industry event, I decided to chat. At the time, I was in the recruitment process for another IT company, but due to the pandemic, they stopped recruitment, so I ended up here. 

After a while, I realized that Speednet was the place for me, but working as an analyst…. not really. I am a person who is not afraid to try new things and look for a place for myself, so I talked to my supervisor. At that time, there was an open position for an IT recruiter – I participated in the recruitment and succeeded. I joined the HR team. It was a very great time for me. My experience as a Business Analyst gave me knowledge that was very useful in recruitment. I also ended up with a super team. Working as a recruiter, my responsibilities often went beyond what you usually have in that position, so I had the opportunity to learn how to work with clients and learn about the process of projects. As soon as the information came out about a brand new position that would require the skills I had and, at the same time, allow me to grow in a new direction, I decided to try my hand at it.  

You became a Delivery Manager.  

Daniel: Yes, it worked out. The management showed me a lot of trust, and I have been in my new role at the company for a month. I had to say goodbye to my HR team; luckily, I still have a desk in their room! As part of the farewell, they threw me a surprise party and decorated my desk with balloons and streamers – some of the decorations are still hanging.  

Oh, as part of decorating the desks… I heard that there was also a second part of the surprise…  

Daniel: Haha, yes. During my short leave, moments after starting work in my new position, my colleagues decided to wrap everything I owned in parcel wrap… In general, such small jokes and pranks in the style of those from the TV series The Office are quite common in our company. We like each other, and the atmosphere in the office is friendly, so sometimes we allow ourselves to fool around. However, I had to work hard to unpack my workplace after the vacations. I’ll soon get my revenge on them… I’m in the office practically daily, so there will be plenty of opportunities.  

Do you prefer to work from the office? 

Daniel: I like our office and the people who work in it. Sometimes it is more convenient to work remotely – at Speednet, there is no problem, but I usually work from the office anyway. We have plenty of activities: billiards, ping-pong, and stretching, so you can spend pleasant breaks between tasks in your daily work.  

Speaking of attractions, you also often meet outside work at various events.  

Daniel: That’s right, what I participate in is volleyball, soccer, Runmaggedon and sometimes I smash our CEO at ping-pong 😉 What’s cool about Speednet is that there’s something for everyone. We have many committed people who like to get jointly after work to spend time together. Play board games, go to urbex, or do various sports. If a larger group gathers, the company supports our meetings. When I heard voices from several people who wanted to play soccer, I decided to organize it. I looked for a suitable field with free dates, and it began. We even participated in a tournament of Olivia Centre companies a year ago. There was no great success, but no shame either.  

Last question! What is your advice to people in a similar situation, those wondering if they are in a good place?  

Daniel: It’s simple. Tell your manager or HR team about your feelings at a periodic meeting or schedule a one-on-one interview. Within the company’s structure, there is an alternative for you. If there isn’t, it’s always a good idea to ask about using the training budget within your area of interest and be patient. Within your company, there may be some open recruitments that will create new opportunities for you. It would be best if you spoke out about your needs. Suppose the company reacts badly to the information that you want to try something new. In that case, it could mean it is less cool than you think, and it is worth looking around for another. 


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