Employer Branding at Speednet

Ewelina Kuczyńska
January 30, 2024 | Company Culture

In today’s competitive business landscape, employer branding has emerged as a critical factor in attracting and retaining top talent. It goes beyond a mere job offer. It delves into creating a holistic experience that resonates with employees. At Speednet, we recognize the importance of cultivating a strong employer brand and fostering a positive atmosphere for our team members. 

A good experience makes employees like coming to work, feel happy, and, most importantly, make them brand ambassadors. Our teams shapes the company’s image by implementing our values and goals for current and future employees. Here’s a glimpse into how we achieve this: 

Employee-Centric Events – the important part of Employer Branding

Strong bonds among team members are essential for a thriving workplace. With this in mind, we organize various events where our team can network. Take a break from their daily tasks, and get involved in the company’s life. The best example of this is the Halloween party, where we organized a competition for the best costume. We have to admit that the ingenuity of our employees exceeded our expectations.

When you are dressed as a dinosaur or covered with paint from ear to ear, you are no longer defined by your position. With such events, we can reduce the distance, set aside – our tasks, and build something important – the atmosphere. We want every employee to be a part of a larger community and have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 

Another way of engaging in Employer Branding is gamification. It involves game elements. It’s a great way to improve employee communication and make the classic working day more fun and interactive. As we know, the Christmas period can be pretty stressful for everyone. The end of the year is approaching, and people are focused on gift shopping and household chores.

To make the day at the office more pleasant, we organized a Christmas Challenge. This event involved our employees performing various tasks – stimulating their creativity and allowing them to immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit. We focused on preparing simple and short challenges. They could compete for the main prize by completing all the tasks.

In addition to various themed events, we arrange ‘Beautiful Fridays’. During these parties, #TeamSpeednet can relax over pizza and beer, and talk to people they don’t spend much time with during working hours. From team-building activities to casual get-togethers, these events strengthen relationships, cultivate a sense of belonging, and increase employee engagement. Also, allows us to get to know each other in a different environment than the typical office setting. 

Engagement and Experiences as a part of Employer Branding 

Our commitment to employee welfare extends beyond the workplace. We organise various trips and experiences so our team can unwind and connect in and outside the office. Whether it’s a weekend trip, kayaking, campfire, or creative workshop, these events contribute to an all-round employee experience.  

But if that wasn’t enough – we always try to support #TeamSpeednet in their passions. In addition to co-financing workshops and initiatives, we provide them space and buy the necessary equipment. Our daily stretching, where we take care of our spines was created as one of these initiatives. After all, as they say, “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” That’s why, besides stretching, the company pays for the rental of a football field and organizes volleyball training for our team.  

SPEEDNET supports hobby groups in various ways. In addition to our sports attractions, we also have:  

  • sewing workshops,   
  • Speednet Rock Band,  
  • board games sessions, 
  • sightseeing trips, 
  • F1 league, 
  • Fantasy Premier League. 

So indeed, everyone will find something for themselves. And what makes us happy is that our employees want to organise all these attractions for each other. Is there anything more beautiful than commitment? 

Continuous Development Opportunities  

We recognise the importance of continuous development, so our idea to create Speednet Tech Talks was born. These meetings provide employees with a platform to share their knowledge and insights with colleagues. Sessions are organised thematically, where one of the employees discusses a specific topic or case from the project. In addition to those gathered in the office, people who work remotely can also connect to discuss issues, solve problems, and look for solutions. This kind of initiative increases skills and fosters a culture of cooperation and innovation.   

As part of our commitment to employee development, we also offer English and German language lessons our teachers lead. Thanks to such classes, our employees can gain new skills. They can be used both in and outside the organization, but what is also essential? They can get to know people from other departments, who also participate in courses with them. 

Celebrating Milestones  

We spend roughly 40 hours a week at work. Even if we have a perfect work-life balance, we spend much of our lives with co-workers. Our team grows together, laughs, and shares our thoughts and problems. We celebrate the anniversaries of our employees to express our gratitude for their dedication and hard work. Only this year, our group of company “Dinosaurs” (those with over ten years of seniority) reached 23 employees.

Recognizing these milestones strengthens the sense of loyalty and attachment to the organisation. According to research conducted by Bulldogjob in 2020, the average work experience of a specialist in the IT industry is six years. Half of the respondents have been working in IT for no more than four years. It is also worth mentioning that our seniority level is as high as 65%. Work is a journey of self-development; the journey of each team member with us is essential for us. We are happy when it lasts as long as possible. 

State-of-the-Mind Office  

Through an employee well-being strategy, an approach is developed to make the workplace a pleasant and healthy place. Employers are paying much more attention to stimulating creativity to the well-being and health, both physical and mental, than they did in the past. This can be reflected in initiatives such as healthy snacks at work, flexible working hours, or ergonomic desks.

That is why we ensure that everything listed is available to our employees. The office is located in the Olivia Centre – the heart of the business centre of Gdańsk. It has been designed to stimulate creativity and have a cool vibe in mind. Thanks to the modern infrastructure and comfortable spaces, we provide our employees with an environment conducive to productivity and well-being. The comfort of our team is essential to us, so we are delighted to be able to grow in such a place. Our employees can choose whether they work remotely or from the office. For those operating from the office, the view from the 20th floor, of the sea and forests, makes every break at work more pleasant.   

Speaking of taking a break… It’s also worth mentioning that the kitchen has healthy and delicious snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plenty of other extras. So coming to the office without breakfast is fine. After a short lunch break, our team can relax by playing PlayStation, billiards, table football, or just chill in our Bar Room on the 19th floor, with a fridge full of our craft beers.  

Team Speednet

At Speednet, our commitment to employer branding is more than just a strategy; it’s how the company operates. We embrace the spirit of fun and healthy competition. We infuse energy and excitement into the workplace, making every day more enjoyable.  

Joining the company over a year ago, I quickly felt like I was a part of #TeamSpeednet. And it’s all thanks to the people and their commitment to the company. Anyone involved with Employer Branding knows the importance of employee engagement and their willingness to create new things together. I am impressed by how our team is eager to develop initiatives and help us create more and more new things.  

By creating a positive atmosphere and meaningful experiences, we attract exceptional talent and nurture an engaged, motivated, and proud crew to be part of our team. Our efforts are reflected in the smiles of our team, the innovative ideas they bring to the table, and the collective success we achieve together. Believe it or not, we have everything the competition has, but our work style is unmistakable. 

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