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We are an insurance software development company

We help the insurance sector decrease time-to-market, stay on top of software development costs, improve back office operations, boost insurance sales and enhance the customer experience.

All that via relevant consulting and custom software development services.

We help the you with:

  • Developing web and mobile insurance applications tailored to clients’ needs
  • Constructing and refining insurance solutions to enhance performance
  • Implementing insurance cross-selling and upselling solutions to boost sales and revenue
  • Digitising and automating claims and underwriting processes
  • Conducting UX/UI audits and design to improve usability
  • Leveraging predictive analytics, data, and reporting tools to provide insights
  • Utilising Cloud, DevOps, and AI technologies to enhance scalability and efficiency
  • Ensuring security, risk management, and regulatory compliance across insurance solutions

With Speednet, you can:

    • Reach new potential markets

      Build from scratch or take your current insurance solution to the next level to attract the attention of new users and potential investors.

    • Optimise costs of software development 

      Avoid traditional in-house expenses by transforming your operations with an external partner that gives you scale, industry-specific experience and shorter time to market.

    • Leverage data to make better decisions 

      Take your insurance product to the next level by leveraging data to deliver a frictionless, personalised user experience and make data-driven decisions related to daily and strategic operations.

    • Shorten time-to-market

      Short time-to-market is a key to gaining a competitive edge and achieving success in the market.
      Implementing new features usually takes us only a few sprints.

    • Introduce flexibility of delivery

      We adapt to your needs – not the other way around. This ensures smooth integration and the ability to evolve with your business.
      Tap on / tap off – ramp your team up and down in weeks.

    Why the insurance industry should go digital

    Research suggests that in some markets, as much as nearly half of all new home insurance sales and more than two-thirds of car insurance sales are conducted online.

    Insurance companies understand the need for change and are adopting newer ways of working, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

      • Pressure from the insurtech challengers

        Traditional insurance providers are facing competition from the Insurtech industry.
        We have over 24 years of experience helping banks, fintechs, insurance companies, and insurtechs build software. We can share our knowledge and best practices with you.

      • Increased efficiency and reduced costs

        Digital can help insurance companies to automate manual processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

        We know how to correctly digitalise insurance businesses the right first time. Our clients achieve a +35% increase in operation efficiency.

      • User experience

        Insurtechs often strongly emphasise providing a unique user experience, making their services more user-friendly and satisfying than traditional insurance, which is sometimes too conservative to compete with a fresh design.

        Our Digital Product Design team will prepare an insurance solution your users will love.

      • Data security

        Data security has become one of the main concerns in the online world – be it mobile banking, payment apps, or insurance in general.

        Insurers have an established reputation, which goes a long way towards gaining the public’s trust. We know how to work with data to maintain this reputation.

      • AI and Big Data

        The insurance industry can be innovative. There is space to leverage modern technologies that better meet the needs of contemporary users than traditional solutions.

        At Speednet, 2 dedicated teams focus only on AI and Big Data solutions for the financial sector. We can help you to be a pioneer in the market.

      • Value-Added Services

        Insurance companies make their mark by offering a wide range of value-added services, such as insurance up- and cross-selling systems.

        We understand the value of mobile apps’ versatility, and we implement plenty of VAS in the applications we build.

      The combination of understanding the financial domain with 24+ years of technical expertise allows us to give you extremely precise time and cost estimates for your project.

      Estimate your project

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      We can also help you with

      • Digital Transformation

        In our digital transformation practice, we guide clients through the process of modernizing their systems and workflows to stay competitive in the digital age.

      • AI and Machine Learning

        Leveraging AI and ML, we empower clients to enhance operational efficiency, automate work, streamline processes and leverage innovation.

      • Data and Reporting

        With our expertise in Big Data, we help clients manage data and unlock insights, enabling informed strategic decisions and predictive analytics.

      • Cloud

        By leveraging cloud services, we enable clients to scale their infrastructure, improve flexibility, and reduce operational costs.

      • DevOps

        Through DevOps practices, we streamline clients' software development and deployment processes and facilitating faster delivery.

      • Security solutions

        Our focus on security ensures clients' systems and data are protected against cyber threats, with robust measures and best practices implemented

      Our process of collaboration

      We use a proven methodology of reliable and predictable software delivery.

      • Understanding your situation

        We begin by thoroughly analysing your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. This involves detailed discussions, as well as an assessment of your current state and documentation to ensure a clear understanding of your project requirements and goals.

      • Agreeing on a project roadmap

        Once we’ve learned about your situation in detail, we collaborate closely with you to define a detailed plan of action. This roadmap outlines the project scope, timeline, budget and key deliverables, ensuring alignment with your expectations and must-haves.

      • Collaborating to deliver milestones

        We maintain open communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, working closely with your team in agreed-upon iterations. This approach ensures flexibility, feedback incorporation, and continuous improvement as we progress towards your ultimate goal.

      • Developing a relevant solution

        Leveraging our expertise, modern technologies, and insights gained from previous stages, we develop a tailored solution that addresses all your business’s pain points. Our team ensures the software is robust, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices.

      • Support and maintenance

        Our commitment goes on after the solution is delivered. We provide comprehensive post-release services to ensure continued success and optimal performance. This includes troubleshooting, updates and ongoing cooperation to address evolving requirements.


      Industry recognition

      At our company, we always strive to deliver solutions of the highest calibre. We value collaboration with every client, whether they are international giants or burgeoning startups. Each accolade or award nomination brings us great joy, as it reaffirms that our work is consistently of the highest standard.

      We’re tech specialists

      We provide a comprehensive solution, from ideation to maintenance, including everything in between. 

      • JavaScript
      • Angular
      • Android
      • Kotlin
      • React
      • iOS
      • Java
      • PHP
      • Switf
      • .NET
      • Oracle
      • Docker
      • Azure
      • AWS
      • Selenium
      • Cypress
      • PostgreSQL
      • MongoDB
      • MySQL
      • MySQL
      • TypeScript
      • Vue.js
      • Python
      • NodeJS

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Michał Grela
      Michał Grela Head of Sales and Marketing