#TeamSpeednet: Marta is telling us about business analysis

Julia Grycner
April 25, 2023 | Interviews

Hi Marta, can you tell me more about your role at Speednet? Who are you, and what do you do in your daily work?

Hey, sure! At Speednet, I work as a business analyst. My main job is to collect customer requirements and turn them into tasks for our team. You could say I am some type of link, a bridge between our client and developers.

I’ve been working as a business analyst for a few years now. Previously I held the position of project development specialist, that is, I was someone who combined a bit of the duty of a project manager, business analyst and product owner, but I felt that I would prefer to specialize in a narrower range of tasks… I like to get into the details and look for unusual solutions. At the same time, I don’t really like managing the whole project, so I decided to go in the direction of business analysis.

Do you see any more qualities that you think are ideal for the role of a business analyst?

In my opinion, a good analyst is distinguished primarily by soft skills. He or she must be communicative and empathetic… Often we need to be able to find the golden mean, advise a client, alleviate some minor conflict, and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. In addition, a person in my position must be able to think analytically and critically and approach some tasks out of the box. Often when listening to a client’s requirements, we hear the ready-made solutions that they have come up with, we sometimes have to step back a bit and understand the need behind it, because it may turn out that our know-how will allow us to find a completely different solution and help the client achieve the desired result faster.

What does your typical day look like?

It’s hard to describe a typical day because my days vary a lot, but I can tell you about my typical week at work. I start work quite early each day to have a few hours to focus on tasks and time to think about what came out of the previous day’s meetings. We often have cakes in the office – our team members love to celebrate important events in their life with homemade cakes. Usually, after this focus time, I have a daily with the team, SCRUM meetings a few times a week, RETRO meetings once every two weeks, and every now and then, a workshop with the client drops in, working on requirements with UX, testers or developers from us. Overall, a lot is going on and definitely no boredom in my daily work.

How did you end up in #TeamSpeednet?

I first heard about Speednet in May 2022 at the BeIT conference. I ended up at the company’s stand and talked to a few people, including Mikołaj – my current Team Leader. At that time, I wasn’t looking around for a job yet, but Speednet made such an impression that when I started looking for a new place of employment a few weeks later, I immediately thought of you.

What convinced me? One element was the atmosphere at Speednet, already at the conference, it was clear that people here like each other and enjoy spending time together. In addition, I did a little research on social media and what I saw confirmed my belief that it could be fun here. I also knew that there was a whole team of analysts at Speednet, and I wanted to be able to share experiences and learn from others’ work. At the same time as my little research on the Internet, I got in touch with Mikołaj, who had already worked at Speednet for a couple of years by then, which was also a positive sign for me, because he didn’t seem like the kind of person who would be at the company if he didn’t feel comfortable (laughs). And so, on Mikołaj’s recommendation, I landed an interview.

The recruitment process confirmed my belief that Speednet was my place. The recruitment interview was entertaining, you could feel the atmosphere I had already seen at the conference. And so, in September I joined the team.

What do you like most about Speednet?

(Laughter)  A lot of things! The company atmosphere I mentioned above is really great. I like coming to the office. Of course, at the recruitment interview, I claimed that I would work hybrid, but in fact, it turned out that I prefer to work from the office than from home. That’s something I didn’t expect.

Speednet also provides us with plenty of opportunities to develop our interests, both professionally, by attending conferences and training budgets, but also nonprofessionally. I took part in ceramics workshops and sewing classes or cheered on our in-house volleyball team. In addition, the company is open to grassroots initiatives – recently, at the request of our colleague from the UX department, an IT’s easy conference was organized for Product Designers, and soon there will be another edition just for business analysts.

From other professional things, it’s mega important for me that already during my first months on the job, I had the opportunity to work on very diverse projects. After years in a product company, where I dealt with one topic, the opportunity to learn about different industries is a nice diversification for me.

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