Mobile first design: What trends are currently reigning supreme?

Julia Grycner
November 8, 2022 | Business Insights

The days when designers and developers focused primarily on desktops are gone forever. In August 2022 62.06% of internet traffic was via mobile devices. Almost 80% of Internet users primarily use smartphones and tablets. 83.3% of people worldwide have a smartphone. All these indicators will only grow.

This is why digital products soon have to be created with mobile-first design in mind. What is a mobile-first design style, why is it so important and what are the current trends in mobile-first? Here’s a new blog post from Speednet experts.

What is it?

Mobile-first is a set of principles and best practices for designing websites and mobile apps primarily for users of touchscreen mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. Only secondarily do digital product developers adapt their products to the desktop, not the other way around as they did a few years ago.

Why is it so important?

As early as 2010, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, announced at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona that developers and designers need to start looking at their designs and implementing them with mobile-first in mind. Thirteen years later, those words are still relevant.

Why should your UX/UI professionals care about mobile users?

  • More and more people are shopping on a smartphone. Mobile commerce and shopping on mobile devices are growing year-on-year by up to 22.3%.
  • 7.5 billion – that’s how many smartphones there will be worldwide by 2025, according to Ericsson estimates.
  • We are more willing to spend time playing games on smartphones. In 2022, spending on mobile games will exceed the amount spent on desktops and desktops for the first time in history.
  • This type of design has a positive impact on a website’s SEO stats – a very important factor for Google’s algorithm from 2019.

6 design trends for 2023

What trends and best practices are currently reigning supreme in the world of digital product design and programming?

User experience is the king

For all mobile app and website developers, good UX and UI are crucial. The user in each category has plenty of alternatives, and if they can’t use your solution easily and pleasantly, they will choose another.

UX writing & UX content is the queen

Short, crisp CTAs that simply describe what will happen after click. Content maximally tailored to the needs of the audience and the requirements of mobile devices. Minimalism won These are the basics of UX content and UX writing that need to be implemented in projects.

Constant optimization of apps and websites

Graphics that are too heavy. A page or app that takes too long to load. Mismatched or run-of-the-mill content. There are many more similar cases. This design is a never-ending process of optimizing, tweaking, and adapting a digital product to the currently most popular devices.

Shortening conversion paths to a minimum

As users, we are increasingly lazy. We want to download an e-book, sign up for a webinar or buy a product with home delivery in a few clicks. That’s why it’s important to optimize, tweak and test your conversion path.

Optimize payment forms

The same is true for payments. Here, too, we only want to double-click the side button on the iPhone to pay, or merely confirm the desire to pay with a glance. It’s worthwhile for any mobile app or website purchases to give potential customers this option.

Testing deluxe

Test new digital products with real users on a large enough scale to glean as much information as possible about bugs, missing functionality, and poorly designed layouts.

Mobile-first-design-compliant apps and websites

Today this design is just a trend, but in a few years, it will be an absolute standard for all designers and developers. At Speednet, mobile has long been at the forefront of our minds. If you are looking for a technology partner to create an application or website for you according to this type of design principles, contact us!

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