IT & Software Development Summary 2022 & Trends 2023

Julia Grycner
January 5, 2023 | Business Insights

The end of the year is usually a time when the IT industry, software development, and new technologies experts are on the lookout for upcoming market trends and tendencies. Rarely, however, do they revisit their observations and conclusions from the previous year to see if their predictions came true. That’s why the Speednet team has prepared a summary of 2022 and our proprietary set of trends for the coming year. If you want to know what will dominate the IT industry in the coming months, read this blog post – here are software development trends for 2023!

What has been confirmed from IT & software development trends 2022?

Certainly, the important trends in the IT industry in 2022 were IT Automation, Automated Code Reviews, and the growing popularity of no-code solutions. Automations that simplify the work of developers and relieve them of repetitive, simple tasks significantly reduce the cost of IT projects. No code makes it possible for people who are just starting in IT to implement simple projects (such as websites, mobile applications, or software integration). Tools such as, Make, and GetResponse maximally free up developers’ man-hours, who can spend their time on development in Big Data, AI, or blockchain.

Nearly $540 billion – that’s how much the software development market was expected to reach by the end of 2022. Despite the specter of crisis and recession, IT projects are on the rise, so companies are looking for recruitment and outsourcing solutions that will allow them to quickly acquire the necessary resources and people. International talent pools and platforms such as Toptal grew in 2022 and will continue to grow. Demand for developers despite low-code and no-code is expected to increase by up to 20% annually. 

The cryptocurrency world did not have the best of times in 2022, but Web 3.0 solutions, NFT tokens, and the metaverse were still frequently discussed in the past year by many experts. This trend will likely continue in the years to come. Not everyone has a MetaMask wallet, but many of us already have our digital wallets on Google Pay or Apple Pay, and this is just the beginning of the revolution in the fintech and banking world.

IT & software development trends 2023: what will matter in 2023?

Blockchain, IT outsourcing, and coding automation will dominate in 2022. What will conquer the IT industry in the year 2023, which is just beginning?

AI and Machine Learning are going for the win

Programming, content marketing, or design is expected to be 100% done by artificial intelligence by 2050. This trend will grow with tools and solutions to automate programming growing exponentially through machine learning. Still, the number of unfilled positions in the software development industry will reach 85.2 million by 2030.

Mixed Reality

AR and VR solutions are becoming increasingly popular, and upcoming headset launches from Apple, among others, are only expected to accelerate their development. Today, reality is becoming a symbiotic combination of the real and virtual worlds, where we spend our free time, playing games, shopping, and working. 2023 will bring a lot of news in this regard.

Python and JavaScript are still on top

If you are wondering what programming languages will be key in 2023, the answer is simple: Python and JavaScript will dominate. If you’re a programmer and thinking about significantly increasing your salary, take an interest in Go. 

DevSecOps and cybersecurity

DevSecOps will be a key trend in cyber security in 2023. It combines development, security, and operations to improve overall software security. DevSecOps allows for earlier detection of potential security threats. It also streamlines the process of responding to and remediating identified security vulnerabilities.

Mobile-first design

We are using desktops less and less, so the absolutely obvious trend is to design digital products primarily with smartphone and tablet users in mind. Read more about mobile-first design trends on our blog.


Cloud-native applications in 2023 will still offer developers and companies many advantages, such as the fact that serverless tools from Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure allow automatic scaling depending on site traffic.

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