How and why EdTech transform the future of education

Julia Grycner
November 3, 2022 | EdTech

Everyday learning and work have moved online in the past few years. The online education market is expected to reach $319 billion by 2029. Not surprisingly, schools, universities, and companies are increasingly asking us for ready-made and created-from-scratch EdTech tools and solutions. Education software development is undoubtedly on the rise. What is EdTech, what are the current trends in education technology, and who is using it? I prepare for you some hints from Speednet’s experts.

EdTech – definition

EdTech, or Educational Technology, is a comprehensive hardware and software facility, as well as a set of processes and best practices, necessary in the 21st century, to train students, faculty, and staff in an interesting, engaging and personalized way. All to improve the student experience and, from a business perspective, increase the efficiency and profitability of training.

What software EdTech projects and solutions are the most popular?

Good examples of hardware in EdTech and good support in modern education will be:

  • interactive whiteboards,
  • computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones,
  • VR/AR glasses,
  • cameras, microphones, and headphones.

EdTech – advantages

Implementing EdTech brings a lot of benefits to a company or university. Such an organization ensures:

  • Maximum accessibility of training materials, in accordance with WCAG standards,
  • 24/7 access to training and courses,
  • Personalization of educational materials and experiences,
  • Greater involvement, activity, and integration of students in ongoing projects,
  • Significant facilitation for heads and education leaders in testing and examining learners.

And that’s not all, either, so…

EdTech is the education of the future

Definitely yes! Already 86% of teachers are ready to use technology in education, and 75% of them confirm that EdTech tools improve their students’ learning effects. Especially with the use of the blended learning formula, i.e. combining different forms of online and offline learning.

The same is true in the business world. 72% of companies consider EdTech and e-learning as solutions that provide them with a competitive advantage and knowledge acquisition based on the latest technologies. Analyzing the results of L&D activities, 51% of HR directors are satisfied with the improvement of employee morale and attitudes thanks to EdTech. CEOs and CFOs in charge of finance, meanwhile, can take a cue from IBM – the company has saved as much as $200 million through e-learning and other EdTech solutions.

Top 5 EdTech trends in 2023

With each passing year, the EdTech market grows by 7-10% and there is no indication that it will slow down. Which EdTech solutions are particularly worth investing in over the next few years?

Dynamic growth of VR and AR

Virtual reality is closer than you think. And the augmented one is becoming a standard in education in heavy industry or logistics, for example. AR/VR solutions are getting cheaper to produce and easier to use, so more companies and schools will increasingly implement them in training and lessons.

Social media learning

Tiktokization of education and micro-learning are trends that will dominate digital learning in the years to come. Short-form videos, simple knowledge pills, and information provided in a form that is as accessible as possible to Gen Z are the mainstay today in reaching students, learners, and employees.


Technology today makes it possible to create individual development paths for each of the hundreds or even thousands of employees in a given company. Everyone can learn at their own pace and in their own style, and above all, learn about topics that really interest them and will be useful to them in their daily work.


We rarely treat learning as something enjoyable. Usually, it’s an unpleasant duty instead of fun. Meanwhile, education can be… a game where you earn points, badges, and certificates while competing in a positive way with your co-workers. This is sure to accelerate the following year.

Cyber security in education

Educational content providers will be obliged by RODO regulations to better secure and encrypt the data of their digital learners. It is likely that many remote education platforms will bet on blockchain.

Ready-made and created-from-scratch EdTech solutions and projects

EdTech is the future of education around the world. That’s why we at Speednet have been developing EdTech software for business and education for years – we already developed applications against peer violence, e-learning platforms, or applications providing comprehensive support for teachers in their everyday work. We know that more countries, universities, companies, and generations see the Internet as an infinite knowledge base, the individual elements our developers can construct.

If you’re looking for a technology partner to develop your company’s LMS platform, mobile app, or any other EdTech tool, write to us. We’d love to hear about your idea and help with implementation – we already have an experience in this area! ?

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