Good results do not come out of the blue - a few words about our team and last company retreat

Julia Grycner
September 14, 2022 | Company Culture

Every business wants to achieve success, but of course, not everyone can be successful. Why? There are a lot of reasons why – bad planning and a lack of strategy, losing control of the finances, etc. However, there are companies which can overcome crises and bypass all obstacles. How is it possible? In our opinion, one of the critical success factors is having a good team. As our Head of Technical Engineering so beautifully puts it: with a good team, you will always find a project, but what good is a project without a great team?

This is the reason why in Speednet we put a lot of effort into building relationships, spending time together and creating a friendly atmosphere. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and deeply changed the way how the company culture is built. We all love hybrid or remote work, but as with everything, this model has its pros and cons. Meeting a new colleague via call is a completely different experience from having small talk in the office.

The solution for the problems connected with remote work could be a company retreat. It is an opportunity for employees to meet each other, build relationships and break the ice between them. As I wrote before, a company retreat is particularly important for those who do not regularly interact with those outside of their department. However, there are more advantages. Company retreats strengthen company culture, expose coworkers’ hidden talents (you may discover a natural leader among your employees) and of course, build a buzz around your business.

Actions speak louder than words, so now a few words about our last company retreat.

During the last weekend of August, we were at the recreation centre in Kashubia. It could be risky – not every team is ready for activities during personal time, but in our case, it worked almost perfectly – about 65% of our employees took part in this retreat. How did we do it? First of all, six months before the trip we fixed the date so that people could plan around it. But the main reason for this high attendance is the atmosphere in our company. Some of our employees work from home, so this event was a great opportunity for them to spend time with their colleagues.

We organised many different activities and attractions – even though we couldn’t please everyone, we did try! We decided to choose a team building type of activities – our employees could play volleyball, take part in canoeing, play paintball or even rest near to the lake on our branded sunbeds. Of course, we didn’t forget about the campfire with the guitar and the opportunity to sing together.

Besides, the trip, didn’t not only function to have fun, but also to celebrate our 10-year old in Speednet. This year, as many as 6 people have joined the ranks of our dinosaurs!

If you want to see for yourself, how good of a time we had, check out the video linked below.

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