Social impact embedded in the company's DNA

Karolina Zarusińska
August 31, 2023 | Company Culture

What is social impact? Everyone may understand this concept differently. Generally speaking, it is the effect that an individual or organisation’s actions have on a community’s social fabric. There are companies of all sizes in our industry – smaller, larger and less or more profitable. Some are involved in CSR activities, and some are not at all. However, it’s not about racing “who and how much”. It’s about gaining and nurturing the awareness that, as a company, we can do something for others in addition to doing our core business.

Social impact is a core focus at Speednet, and we take pride in making a difference in the community. Through various initiatives, we strive to contribute mainly to children’s education and health support, as well as support young individuals in their journey to kickstart their careers in the IT industry.

Charity as a priority

One of the ways we make a positive social impact is through conducting charity collections. We firmly believe in supporting the education and treatment of children, and we organize fundraisers to contribute to these causes. These collections provide essential resources and spread awareness about the challenges children face and the importance of supporting their growth and development.

How do we do it? Of course, the foundation is cyclical payments to various collections straight from the company’s account, but that’s not all. The company is the people who create it, and we believe we can do more together. 

In 2017, we came up with the idea of opening an “institution of the company’s charity piggy bank.” Our employees make donations to it not only out of the need of the heart but also for various “misdeeds.” You don’t lock your computer, and someone makes a joke on the company channel? Guilty – deposit a small reparation to the piggy bank. The piggy bank is also an additional motivator for our volleyball players, who donate a prearranged amount by winning matches at the end of the season. Internally we communicate this a bit “half-jokingly, half-seriously”. There is no shortage of people willing to donate, perhaps because the goal is simply noble. The company piggy bank initiative has already become part of our culture. Over the years, we have already managed to collect and donate more than 150,000 zlotys to charity from employee contributions.

Once a year, we also organise an annual charitable initiative where, for the entire month of June, we turn the kilometres cycled/run into zlotys and donate to a selected foundation.

Empowering young people and guiding them towards a successful career in the IT industry

In addition to charity collections, we are passionate about empowering young people and guiding them towards a successful career in the IT industry. We hold meetings and workshops where we share insights and knowledge about various study paths and how to navigate the IT job market. These sessions serve as a valuable resource for those considering a career in technology but may need clarification on the steps to take. By offering guidance and practical advice, we aim to inspire and equip young individuals with the tools they need to pursue their dreams in the IT field.

Preventing violence in schools

When discussing the topic of social impact, I must mention that the issue of preventing violence in schools is also close to our hearts. In 2019, we joined forces with scientists from the SWPS University and created the RESQL system. The idea behind the application is to enable children to anonymously report incidents of violence in schools, to which previously selected interventionists can react and prevent adverse effects in advance.

The application also allows schools to monitor the scale of the problem. The system itself is not only the application that we have created. It is also a series of educational materials and training for educators and school psychologists. We use these materials to spread knowledge about violence among young people, bullying and its effects. The entire system is constantly developed, improved and distributed in Polish schools. From year to year, in numerous studies, we observe how emotive the topic of mental health is among young people. The latest survey by the UNAWEZA foundation, published in the “Young Heads” report, clearly indicates that mental health, self-esteem and agency among children and youth in Poland are alarming. At Speednet, we want to create tools and support initiatives that can help create a better tomorrow for young generations. 

Through these activities, we strive to make a meaningful impact on society. By supporting children’s education and health and providing guidance to young people, we can contribute to a brighter future. Our employees actively participate in these initiatives, bringing their enthusiasm and dedication to create positive change.

Witnessing the collective effort and generosity within our company is truly inspiring. We are proud to be part of a community. The community that excels in the IT industry and recognizes the importance of giving back. As we continue to grow, we are committed to expanding our social impact initiatives and exploring new ways to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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