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Your Digital Product Design Team

Our experienced Digital Product Design Team will make your product stand out. We know how to leverage design tools and a modern, user-centric approach to create a solution your users will love.

    • Design and UX audit

      Our team completely evaluates your digital presence, focusing on design and user experience. This includes a thorough UX/UI design review to ensure your interfaces meet modern standards and user expectations. We also conduct in-depth user and market research. We prepare a detailed report with actionable suggestions.

    • Digital product design and strategy

      We prioritise creating a frictionless user experience, removing obstacles and streamlining interactions to enhance user satisfaction and retention. Our team excels in visual and information design, ensuring your product communicates effectively and delights users visually. Additionally, we develop conversion and churn strategies to optimise user journeys and encourage desired actions, ultimately driving growth and maximising ROI.

    • Business context analysis 

      We deeply understand your business environment, examining market dynamics, the competitive landscape, and industry trends. We identify key stakeholders, their needs, and interactions within your ecosystem through context mapping. Our team develops a tailored business model strategy that aligns with your objectives and ensures sustainable growth. Additionally, we establish performance measures to track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies.

    • User experience planning 

      We kickstart the process by creating personas and defining engagement metrics to better understand your target audience and their needs. Our team develops a UX brief and strategy to guide the design process, outlining key objectives and approaches to achieving them. Additionally, we focus on crafting an effective Information Architecture to organise and structure content in a user-friendly manner.

    • Design workshops and prototyping 

      We facilitate sessions to gather insights and align stakeholders on design goals and priorities. Our team conducts extensive research and prototyping to validate ideas and inform design decisions. We work closely with you to define a clear product vision and strategy that resonates with your target audience and business objectives.

    We can help you with:

    • Crafting intuitive interfaces for web and mobile apps to enhance user experience
    • Conducting research to understand your target audience and needs
    • Ensuring accessibility standards for usability by all users.
    • Iteratively refining designs based on user feedback
    • Working closely with development teams for seamless integration.
    • Implementing modern design principles for visually appealing interfaces.
    • Providing ongoing support and maintenance for design-related issues.
    • Conducting post-launch evaluations for future design enhancements.
    • Iwona Siedlecka Senior UX Designer 10 years with Speednet ❤️

      I liked that my work realistically translated into process improvements at the client’s company (because UX is not just drawings and squares!). It gave me a sense of great motivation and was simply fun. Working closely with a great team of developers was also invaluable. It taught me a lot in my field.

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    • Michał Konkel Senior Android Developer The king of KMP👑

      One of the reasons I feel good here is that Speednet’s values coincide with mine: honesty, transparency, collaboration, development and… sport. According to a Gallup Institute study, people are much less likely to change jobs if they work with people they like, with whom they can share passions, and that’s how I feel. 

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    • Sebastian Banach Head of Technical Engineering 13 years with Speednet ❤️️

      “At Speednet, we really focus on the individual approach to the employee. That’s probably the only sensible thing to do for companies in the IT industry – betting on people, because what good is a project without a great team to deliver it?”

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    • Daniel Kamiński Delivery Manager 3 years with Speednet ❤️

      What’s cool about Speednet is that there’s something for everyone. We have many committed people who like to get jointly after work to spend time together. Play board games, go to urbex, or do various sports. If a larger group gathers, the company supports our meetings. 

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    We’re tech specialists

    We provide a comprehensive solution, from ideation to maintenance, including everything in between. 

    • JavaScript
    • Angular
    • Android
    • Kotlin
    • React
    • iOS
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Switf
    • .NET
    • Oracle
    • Docker
    • Azure
    • AWS
    • Selenium
    • Cypress
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • MySQL
    • TypeScript
    • Vue.js
    • Python
    • NodeJS

    Our process of collaboration

    We use a proven methodology of reliable and predictable software delivery.

    • Understanding your situation

      We begin by thoroughly analysing your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. This involves detailed discussions, as well as an assessment of your current state and documentation to ensure a clear understanding of your project requirements and goals.

    • Agreeing on a project roadmap

      Once we’ve learned about your situation in detail, we collaborate closely with you to define a detailed plan of action. This roadmap outlines the project scope, timeline, budget and key deliverables, ensuring alignment with your expectations and must-haves.

    • Collaborating to deliver milestones

      We maintain open communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, working closely with your team in agreed-upon iterations. This approach ensures flexibility, feedback incorporation, and continuous improvement as we progress towards your ultimate goal.

    • Developing a relevant solution

      Leveraging our expertise, modern technologies, and insights gained from previous stages, we develop a tailored solution that addresses all your business’s pain points. Our team ensures the software is robust, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices.

    • Support and maintenance

      Our commitment goes on after the solution is delivered. We provide comprehensive post-release services to ensure continued success and optimal performance. This includes troubleshooting, updates and ongoing cooperation to address evolving requirements.

    Different models 
of delivering added value

    Our goal is to be operationally agile
and adapt our cooperation model to your situation

      • Team Augmentation

        If you have an in-house team and need to shorten time-to-market and increase tech expertise, our engineers can supplement your existing resources.

      • Dedicated Team

        We can pull together, manage, scale up and down a dedicated agile IT team on demand that will shape strategy, tackle tech challenges and deliver results.

      • Project-Based Model

        In this scenario, we’ll define the scope, requirements and timelines to provide the necessary resources and expertise to deliver the project end-to-end.

      • Time & Material

        If your project requirements are not well-defined or may evolve over time, we can work based on the actual time and effort we allocate as we move forward together.

      • Fixed Price Model

        In this model, we will provide you with a fixed price for the entire project based on the agreed-upon and fixed scope of work requirements, and deliverables.

      • Consulting & Advisory

        If what you’re looking for is a consultancy and advisory with technical experts that understand your domain, we can help you eliminate friction to unlock and demonstrate value.

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Schedule a free project estimate

      Schedule a free project estimate

      If you have a requirement you’d like to discuss with technical experts, schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to help.

      Michał Grela
      Michał Grela Head of Sales and Marketing